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I was brought up in a family that loved pets. We had Guinee Pigs, Hamsters, Rabbits, cats and dogs. I loved animals so much as a young girl that I would bring home any stray that I would find, begging my mother to keep it.

I have always had compassion towards animals, and today there is a fire in my belly that burns brightly when it comes to animal welfare.

Not only do I support local animal rescue groups, but I support organizations that work closely with international rescues as far as China and Korea to help put an end to the illegal dog meat trade. Since the COVID-19 outbreak , there has been legislation passed that is banning all illegal trade and consumption of dog meat which is a step in the right direction. The organizations that I support have been fighting for legislation just like this to be passed for many years now. This is a huge victory for the voiceless animals who have suffered needlessly in the wrong hands.

I know I cannot save each and every animal that has been neglected, abused or abandoned. But I can certainly do my part, and not turn a blind eye to a problem that is not going away anytime soon. I know that there are reputable breeders for every breed.

However, with so many dogs available in our local shelters, I would encourage everyone that I know who is considering a dog to visit a shelter or local rescue first. Buying a pure-bred dog from a breeder does not guarantee a specific personality, physical trait or the future health of the animal. If a dog you purchased from a breeder ends up with problems within the first year, the breeder may take the dog back (only to euthanize it). The only two dogs that I had purchased from reputable breeders ended up having the most health issues. My first pure-bred dog did not live past 9 months, and the second one, a French Bulldog, had nothing but problems for its entire life. I did everything I could for him, but was always playing catch up with one ailment after another presenting itself. He was by far the most expensive dog I have ever owned. Even though his struggle with his health issues broke my heart, I did all I could for him, and cherished every minute we had together. I simply wish he could have been healthier, and even though buying from an AKC breeder, he truly was a genetic train wreck.

It is never too late to be open to rescuing and learning more about the process.

There are rescues for every single breed out there. All you need is patience, and persistence. These rescue dogs are so grateful and once settled into your home, they express how grateful they are every day. I now have three non-breeder pugs. They are happy, healthy and incredibly loving. I will always only rescue any of our pet family members. It has been a learning process for me, but well worth the journey.

Whether I am donating my time, or my resources to these causes, I believe each and every animal that is thrown aside deserves better. I will never stop supporting rescue whenever and wherever possible to help make a difference one animal at a time.

For every escrow that I close, $500 will be donated to The Pug Queen Foundation, or a charity of my client’s choice. Here are some of the organizations that I support, and suggest you take a look at their websites if you are curious about rescue:,,,,,,,,,, and — just to name a few.


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